Imagine a serene, tranquil, peaceful place; an even better sight of a volcano, open air swimming area to take a dip in & the most magnificent sunset.

We had heard numerous times about Santorini and watched number of videos. Consequently, in the month of April’15 we decided to visit the most awaited place on the bucket list.

We reached Athens, stayed there for a couple of days and took a ferry to Santorini. It took us 8 hours to reach but believe me every single view was worth it.


View from ferry


You’ll see many beautiful Islands like this while sailing to Santorini.


After a long excursion we were welcomed by a group of hoteliers who were affable enough to make us feel welcomed. Without any delay and with anticipation we stepped out for an escapade and to our surprise  every Greek we met made us feel at home.

Our first stop was Kamari Beach, the pitch-black sand of the volcano makes it candidly a distinctive experience.


Kamari Beach



The next day we covered Oia, Thira, Imerovigli and Firostefani (four sisters, as they call it). The flawless azure sky, crystal clear blue water and the unblemished white structures with blue roofs. Is this paradise? Well, truly it is.


Church in Oia


A breathtaking place, as it hangs above the Aegean Sea, with amazing view of the Caldera. It’s a combination of natural assets, history, modern and minimal architecture.DSC_1467


Hiking trail from Thira to Oia

 Thira has MICHELIN STARRED RESTAURANT  which one cannot miss out. And many other eating places with an astounding view to look at and enjoy a perfect sunset with a glass of wine. It’s not just any other sunset it’s the kind of sunset which will make you fall in love with life, nature and love itself.IMG_1693


Watching the sun disappear like this leaves you speechless.



We ambled the streets of Santo exploring, admiring every inch of it & I guess we did a good job in just five days.


Donkeys and mules were the essential means of transportation while building this Island.



Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist


Once you’re there you’d never want to come back!

Red Sand beach, White Sand beach, Winery, Open Air Cinema , Villas, electric cuisine and  the thriving nightlife, you just can’t get enough of it. As I mention these wonderful things about Santo, the reminiscence has tempted me to visit Santorini again and I hope it has left the same impact on you. DSC_1544IMG_4149


Some money saving tips in Santorini:

  1. Fly to Athens and take a ferry to Santorini. (we sailed in a ferry named Blue Star) Do this online and collect the tickets from Athens Office.  
  2. Go sightseeing in the month of April as it’s the onset summer. The temperature is moderate and villas in Oia and Thira are for half the price. YAY!
  3. Book a cab from the ferry station itself and DON’T HANG BACK  to haggle over the prices.
  4. If you’re on a not so high budget I’d recommend  you to stay in Kamari because Thira and Oia are worth a king’s ransom. (Staying in Oia for a day would be just fine  to explore & totally worth it.)
  5. Every quarter of Santorini is aesthetic. Bask in the SUNSHINE!!!
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