Soul Searching In Slovakia 

The weather in Slovakia during the month of January is bitterly cold with grave snowfall & temperature dropping down to 10 Celsius.

For most of the dwellers its time to give their feet a rest and luxuriate. Whereas for us it was  the best time to travel not only because of our surpassing  love for winters and snow but also because it was off-season and for budget travelers like us we get to save a lot of money.


Empty roads of Her’lany

So in the first month of 2016 we decided to stuff our bags and take a flight to Košice, being the largest city in East Slovakia, it is indeed a medieval treasure with some of the finest architecture in the whole country.
Cathedral of St. Elizabeth lovely picturesque gothic architecture makes it one of the main attractions.
We set foot inside the Cathedral  around five in the evening, grabbed a seat, acknowledged the baroque style of the Cathedral, the tall windows looming down pleasantly, the atmosphere everything was a bliss.


Cathedral of St. Elizabeth

The place is crowded with gigantic museums, theaters, coffee shops and superlative restaurants  thereafter  we spent three days in Košice.
Explored the magnificent touristic places, our expedition was mainly on foot and  in trams.


Posing in winters is not an easy job.

Košice has the most diverse population  ranging from Hungarians to Romanes (gypsies). The caves of the Slovak Karst area and the Herl’any geyser are the most tantalizing attractions here which we were lucky enough to witness.


Water Geyser In Herl’any

Moving from Košice, our next two days were spent in Herl’any (a village in Slovakia) & we just didn’t know what to expect from the place.
To start with we stayed in a compact  & cozy cottage which was well protected from the cold weather also not to forget the place had  minimal supplies of daily requirements and no INTERNET connection (which came out as a shock for a person like me).


Cottage we stayed in.

The only place where we could get an access to the internet was a community hall  where everyone would gather for a nice  title-tattle session and use the internet. By good luck the community hall wasn’t a long way from our cottage.
The village consists of only 290 people with a small shop which contained only a few important things!!!
Long lasting strolls into the woods, meditating for hours, gabbing about things we hadn’t talked about before , discovering  resemblances in tastes and ideas.


Small Chapel in Herl’any

Well, a couple of days without technology and any distractions spent together in a village were not as bad as we anticipated.
Without any exaggeration it  was truly a place for SOUL searching.


Oh Snow!


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