“In which place should we set our foot next ?” This was the very first question after coming back from India. We wanted a break from the typical European feel, in terms of landscape and architecture; subsequently, Switzerland popped into our heads. So without a delay flights and hotels were booked and within a few weeks, we were in SWIZZ LAND !!!

Frankly speaking, I  was really looking forward to writing a blog even before I reached Switzerland. I had 10 different ideas about what I’d be writing about. But the moment I reached Swiss, I was left spellbound. The beauty is beyond description. So I think I should just let the pictures do the talking, with a little story about the places beneath them. ENJOY THE PICTURES! 


Zurich, Switzerland welcomed us with rain showers which were not so romantic but we still managed to explore a little bit.


On our way from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen.We stopped in every possible Swiss village to get a view like this.


That is a Vineyard with a view of the city Buchs.


This little church was on the top of the peak in Liechtenstein.


We stopped in a small cafe to have a cup of tea. You never want your tea to get over when the view is like this. (Walensee)


Beautiful city Lucerne.


He’s totally ruining the view.


So scenic so captivating


The Capital city, Bern.


The highest railway station in Europe is located in Jungfraujoch and we were lucky enough to travel to the top in this train.


Those are clouds at the back which looks like snow. Now we know how it feels to be on cloud nine.


The Swiss Alps


A must do when you see the Alps.


Lauterbrunnen, Village in Switzerland. (Stayed here for a day)


First few days were spent shouting and jumping like a bunny when ever we saw a view like this (I’m not joking). It took few days to believe that we are part of this.


That Forking hurts. (Vevey)


Though we loved every bit of Switzerland but this town Vevey took our hearts away.


Switzerland will make you feel complete, like this is where you belong, this is what your soul was wandering for.


Swiss Land is full of scenic views you don’t know which side to look at. (From Vevey to Montreux)


Our last day was spent in Geneva. Those are French Alps in the background. How cool is that you are looking at France while in Switzerland.



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