1.The very first day of traveling:  We have been traveling for a while now, and it’s not as exciting as it seems in the pictures, haha literally. The first day of traveling is always tiresome, from early morning flights to reaching an unknown country, to look your way to the hotel, it’s a grueling and an unpleasant task (believe me). The energy levels are so low that we don’t even leave our hotel room till the evening until we are food deprived.


2.Late Check-In & Early Check-Outs:  WHYYYY? Yes, that’s the second most hated thing. Europe has a rule of checking in after 3 pm, which leaves you prowling for things to do. Are we really expected to deal with it, when we have an early morning flight and we show up in the hotel lobby at 9 am with our luggage? Even worse, one cannot enjoy a nice sleep when the staff asks us to check out at 10 am sharp ehhh!


3. Finding Good Vegetarian food:  Being a vegetarian in a foreign country is not an easy task, and in our case, we both love animals a little too much. Though it has never been a problem finding the vegetarian food, but come on you cannot survive on lettuce, cheese, and pasta for very long time, especially when you get up at 6 a.m. and are all set for an expedition.


4. Unpredictable Weather:  Dealing with an unpredictable weather is no adventure, neither rain nor snow in the summer month is a romantic thing. We always make sure to check the weather online so that we can pack accordingly, but sometimes even the technology fails. Damn global warming!FullSizeRender-5

5. Bank Accounts:  Like most of you guys, we also plan a budget before traveling, but truth be told we always lose a count of it while on the road. Therefore, checking bank account details after coming back from an adventurous trip is always another adventure which we hate because of the obvious reasons.




1. Explore places & Meet people:  Isn’t that the whole purpose of traveling? The most favorite thing about traveling which I guess everyone loves is to explore places and meet new people. However, by exploring I don’t mean going to touristic places by riding on hop-on hop-off buses, but to each and every corner of the city. Meeting people from every corner of the world, getting to know them and surprisingly getting to know so much about India from non-Indians leaves you in the high spirits.FullSizeRender

2. Culture:  We grew up listening to the stories or reading books about other cultures. but I think it’s really important to travel to see how true or false it is. A lot of our myths and stereotype were busted about different cultures after traveling. It’s a great way of growing cognitively and also a great way to open up to a lot of new things.


3. Learning a new language:  By this, I don’t mean getting fluent in a foreign language, nevertheless, even learning little words or gestures makes you feel good. It helps you to connect to people little more if you can say HELLO or THANK YOU in their languages. Also, it’s hilarious to see how one word in a country can mean something totally different in another. 


4. Find your true self:  “Traveling helps you to grow”, I read that somewhere and now I know how true that is. While you’re away from home, you’re out of your comfort zone and that’s the right time to discover yourself and your partner. You will definitely learn something new about yourself and your partner. At least we have, which we wouldn’t have known otherwise. FullSizeRender-3

5.Collecting souvenir:  It can be anything from collecting bizarrely shaped pebbles from Santorini to the sand from beaches of Spain, collecting fridge magnets, currency, postcards, clothes, wines, food items, to clicking a lot of pictures and collecting memories. We love it and always look forward to bring something back from the places we visit for our reminiscence. That’s the best way to make most of it, isn’t it? 



-Travel Nerd Story-

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