Are you planning a trip to Europe? I’m sure, your top destinations would be Paris, Italy, and Spain. Hungary won’t even cross your mind, that’s because it’s never much talked about. But it is definitely one hidden gem of Europe and you are soon going to know why.

1. It’s very very inexpensive: You can live like a king in Budapest. Since, 1 Euro = 315 Hungarian Forint, so it may feel like you’re spending a wodge of a cash but in reality, it’s, as they say, “peanuts”. Everything in Budapest from food to hotels is quite inexpensive but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. So that’s a No.1 reason why you must visit Budapest. (Taxies are still a rip off so beware about spending on that). The shopping is even crazier here.IMG_3514

2.Party on a Bridge: Yes you read that right. I’m sure you’ve attended a lot of parties in night clubs or beaches, but have you ever partied on a bridge? The Liberty Bridge of Budapest is a busy place during the day, as you’ll see a lot of trams and cars passing through. However, as the dusk approaches, the cacophony of the traffic is replaced by melodious music and by night, the Liberty bridge is a party hub. You’ll see people sitting all over the places, climbing the bridge, drinking, playing music and dancing. You’ll be really surprised to see how crazy this place gets at night.


Take a walk on this bridge or just sit anywhere with your bottle of wine and music.


View from a cafe just next to the Liberty Bridge.

3.Architecture & Culture: Architecture in Budapest is so diverse and colorful. It’s inspired by the different parts of Europe such as Romans, Turks, Habsburgs, Russians, and Mongols. Getting to see all of it in one place is the best bit. Furthermore, if you like museums, Budapest has some of the best museums and their Opera house is not to be missed. Their Parliament is the largest building in Hungary and the tallest one in Budapest and some of its interiors are made of GOLD!


These iron shoes are kept here to commemorate the victims shot into the Danube river during WW2.


That’s the parliament of Hungary. Did you notice the yellow bus? It’s a bus cum boat, you can take a ride in it. I’m leaving a link below, it’s worth it.

River Ride in a bus, link:

4. Good Connectivity: Budapest has good connectivity to other countries/cities as well. So you can visit Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and many more by road or by train and in a very low price. I’m leaving a link below, so check it out. (We travelled from Vienna to Budapest in just 8 Euros, it was a very comfortable bus which had personal Lcd screen, Wi-fi, toilet, snacks and free coffee. What more can you expect in 8 Euros). Check out both the links, for trains and buses below:

Link for buses:

Link for trains:

5. Thermal baths & Spas:  Budapest holds the title “City of Spas” since the year 1934, as it has more thermal and medicinal water springs than any other capital city in the world. There are 118 springs in Budapest, providing over 70 million litres of thermal water a day. Our hotel had own thermal Spa so we didn’t get to visit the other Spas but I checked the pictures and I wish we had paid a visit. So if you’re visiting Budapest don’t miss on the spas.


It’s better to book your spa in advance if you wanna skip standing in the line.

Link for Spa is here:

6.Other fun activities: There’s so much to do in Budapest that one can never get bored. You can take a ferry and see the city from the Danube river or you can take paddle boats if you want it more private. Some Ferries or cruise also offer dinner and night shows, so be sure what you want before you book a ticket. Tickets are easily available from the dock. If that’s not enough for you then you can take beer bikes and see the city while you get TIPSY!!


Cute n colorful paddle boats


Budapest at night. View from our ferry.


Beer Bike 🙂

A little piece of advice:-

♥ If you want to travel within the city take tram No.2 rather than hop on hop off. It takes you to all the famous places of the city. You can easily find it in the central station.

♥ If you’re taking a taxi in Budapest always make sure to bargain. Because mostly taxi drivers don’t use a meter and their prices are too high.

♥ Always carry cash in Budapest, even the best of the restaurants sometimes don’t take credit cards.

♥ If you are planning to take a ferry tour make sure to do it at evening because at the day time its extremely hot and I’m sure you don’t wanna get roasted also because Budapest at night is like a dream.

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