WATCH OUT –  Refrain from doing these things when in Singapore.

Singapore  is an exquisite country  and I was fascinated by every bit of it. In the month of December’15 our travel desires took us to Asia. We spent  an absolutely tremendous week in Singapore.
Everyday was an inexperienced adventure, cuisine, culture, people.
This blog talks about things not to do in Singa , so if you’re planning a trip WATCH OUT before you embarrass yourself



Whaaat? Yes that was my reaction too when found out . In fact spitting a gum or sticking a gum can loosen your pocket to $ 500 . But an exception is made if you have prescription for ‘theropeutic purposes’.

  •  No Littering


Well that’s a mandatory duty in every country , but how seriously do we follow it?
Singapore is a very clean city and the  government spends the good amount of money on cleanliness of the city that’s why they expect their citizens and tourist to abide by this rule or else you’ll be slapped with a  $120 fine. You will also be required to watch a video on the evils of littering. Offenders can be forced to participate in a corrective work order.

  • Don’t take a taxi


Public transportation system in Singapore is one of the best in the world. The MRT (Mass rapid transit) systems are fast and very comfortable. In fact if you have just landed in Singapore you can take MRT from the Airport itself, so it’s a better option to save money.

  • Don’t snack on the MRT


Singapores MRT has been a ‘no eating or drinking’ zone since 1987. If you dare to bite it will cost you more than the food you eat ($500).

  • Don’t Tip


It’s definitely optional but still tipping a waiter/waitress in a restaurant is not a standard practice. If you like the food and services  just say thank you or a smile will do too.

  • Don’t Finger Point


Never make obscene gestures; pointing at someone with your index finger is considered rude. Well most of the people are very open-minded and do not mind such gestures, but there are not many reasons for you to do that.

  • No Graffiti


I personally love graffiti but if you Spray paint on a wall or carve a name in a bench it could result in a public caning.

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