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I am in Norway too. Can we catch up?2020-10-27T12:10:21+05:30

Yes, sure we are available to meet you guys for a cup of tea.

If I bribe you will you find a job for me in Norway?2020-10-27T12:09:57+05:30

No, we are doing everything legally and under the supervision of our lawyer. Any kind of
offering a bribe can lead you into legal issues.

Can I get your phone number or email id?2020-10-27T12:09:30+05:30

Yes, by signing up you will have access to our phone number and email id.

Can you help me to get into university in Norway?2020-10-27T12:08:51+05:30

Yes, we can help you by guiding you and reviewing your documents. But we do not assure
you admission into the university.

Can you give me a job in Norway?2020-10-27T12:08:22+05:30

No, Sorry we do not provide you any jobs in Norway. We can only guide you on how to find a
job in Norway. Please check our YouTube video playlist on Jobs in Norway

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My name is Rubaid Naskar, from Kolkata, India. Guidance from “Namaste from Norway” worked for me very well to find out the best top-ranked university- Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Also, I have been continuously getting supportive suggestions to know more about Norway and its surrounding cultural threads. The “Namaste from Norway” channel provides meaningful and insightful prior-informations before vising to Norway, including Part-time job searching strategies.

Rubaid Naskar

MSc Student, NTNU