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We are your guides, friends and mentors while you visit and study in Norway.

We are a couple in our early 30s from a beautiful city Shimla in India. We have been living in Norway for the last 8 years. I (Shailja) started my career as a lawyer in India but after moving to Norway in 2014, I devoted myself to become a full-time travel writer, content creator, video marketer and YouTuber.

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We gained from our experience and it motivated us to spread the happiness.

Arvind came to Norway as a student in 2012. After doing his master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Stavanger and working for some years in the Industry currently he is an Associate Professor at a public university in Norway.

Together, we have been married for the last 7 years and in those years, we have done a lot of things together like traveling the world (when I say the world, I mean 30 countries), starting a YouTube channel. Last but not least being parents to our beautiful 3 years old daughter Ava.

We are motivated by the saying “Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing it is the first step to humanity”
And that is what our aim is with this website and the YouTube channel. We speak with our experience and exposure and intend to give you the most updated and refined information about Norway rather the one which is painted by consultants in your country.



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