The three lynchpins of traveling cheap, longer and better are:

  1. Cozy and a budget place to stay,
  2. Comfortable yet a reasonable mode of transportation,
  3. Savory and affordable restaurants.

This article pertains to the first lynchpin, with the motive of ushering the budget holidayer in selecting an inexpensive albeit cushy place to stay.

Who doesn’t love a luxury hotel?  They make you feel so comfy that you don’t want to leave the hotel. Nevertheless,luxury is often coupled with a big-ticket. Moreover, what’s the point of spending $200 per night, when you will barely stay in a hotel room.
If you guys share the same opinion as us , that spending exorbitant amount of money on a hotel is not a fair bet, then the subsequent websites will help you scrimp and save some cash while making a hotel booking.

1.COUCHSURFING: It’s a wonderful website, which allows a friend or stranger to stay in your house for free. You can even list your place on the website, if you want to allow people to stay at your house. They can sleep anywhere from couch, floor, real bed to the whole room and it is a very good way to make new friends or just meet new people.
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2.AGODA: If you are looking for a reasonable hotel or a best hotel deal specially in Asia, this site can be really useful. I use it all the time to make bookings for our trips and they have really good deals; but, always make sure to check the prices on the hotel’s website before you book from here, as sometimes you might find a better deal on the hotel’s website. Furthermore, you can also download their application on your phone.Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.56.37 PM

3.AIRBnB: I’m sure you must have heard about this one. It’s a great website for booking affordable rental places any where in the world. However, it has AirBnB fee and additional service fee too, so do make a note of it before you proceed with the booking.

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4.STAY4FREE: I have recently discovered this website and they have really good apartments for free or for exchange. Im planning to give it a try soon :).Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 4.00.12 PM

5.BEWELCOME: This webpage is run by a bunch of volunteers and it has a big community mostly from European countries. They also give you a free pick up from the airport, which is definitely a bonus.
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6.HOSTELWORLD: It is a leading global hostel booking platform. Search and book more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries, from anywhere. They have plethora of hostels in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa. They don’t even have a booking fee so give it a try. You can also download their mobile application.
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7. STAYDU: They have three different type of listing:-
Stay And Help: You can stay with a local and help him building his garage or looking after kids.
Stay And Pay: You pay for your stay in return for accommodation and electricity.
Stay for Free: Host likes to welcome you as a part of their life.

(Innovative isn’t it?)

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8. FLIPKEY: It is a TripAdvisor company, and is named the “Top vacation rental site” by many famous travel journals and magazines. They have a lot vacation homes and rooms in over 11,000 cities throughout the world.So, if you’re looking for an apartment for your vacations for a short span then do consider this website as well.

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9. ROOMER: It is great website to stay in hotels rooms which has been sold buy the seller who had to cancel their pre-paid room reservation. Check out their website for more details, you’ll love it for sure.

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10. FIND A CREW: Wanna stay in a boat? Yes you can do that to make your holidays more exciting. Find A Crew is the world’s largest international online marine crew and boat network. Its absolutely free to register and their are no commissions. So give it try for your next vacation.

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And finally my biased tip for the girls, “save money on hotels and shop more” .Whereas, guys “save money on hotels and….hmmmm? shop for girls”. 😉


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